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What are my homeschooling options?

The best place to get information about your options is the BC Home Educators Association website: The section called New to Home Education offers an overview of laws and options. The Educational Options in British Columbia article embedded in the section helps to clarify the difference between registering a child as a BC student and enrolling a child in a distributed learning program.

Useful definitions from the website to keep in mind:

  • Register - to state your intent to the government that you will be educating your children autonomously in accordance with Sections 12 and 13 of      the BC School Act.
  • Enroll - to have a child participate, at school or at home, in an educational program provided by a public or independent school and                          administered and assessed by a BC certified teacher.
  • Homeschooler - a child registered under Sec. 12 of the BC School Act.
  • Home-based student - a child enrolled in a distance education/distributed learning program, provided by a public or independent school.

How do I know if homeschooling is right for my family?

Some families know right away that homeschooling is the right option for their child. But others had to explore for a while before figuring out exactly what works best for the whole family.

                                                                         (Stories about different paths to homeschooling coming soonish!)